I review plugins for the WordPress.org plugin repository and also on my own personal Pippin’s Plugins site. I also support a large number of commercial and free plugins and between reviews and support I get the opportunity to see a lot of truly horrific code. Some of it is from novices who simply do not know better, some of it is from good developers that simply haven’t updated old code, and some of it is from truly bad developers.

This site is mostly for fun but also to highlight some bad practices that are often found in open source code.

I do not plan to personally call anyone out (though if your code identifies you, I will publish it) and I do not mean to insult any developer who finds their code listed.

If you’re upset because you found your code listed, then I encourage you to take a step back and learn from it. If you don’t know why it is bad, ask me! I will be more than happy to help you learn and improve your development skills.


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