Disabling all update checks

When it comes to your WordPress site, updates are one of the single most important aspects of the site to ensure it continues to operate smoothly and that it is not vulnerable to security flaws. This is a small code snippet that completely disables all update checks:

// kill the admin nag
add_action('init', create_function('$a', "remove_action('init', 'wp_version_check');"), 2);
add_filter('pre_option_update_core', create_function('$a', "return null;"));

Inherently, there isn’t really anything bad about this snippet (anonymous functions can be argued for and against), but the result of this snippet is horrible.

A lot of people get annoyed by updates because they feel constantly nagged about updating plugins, themes, and WordPress core. Why can’t it just stay the way it is?! Why should I update?! are common sentiments.

Whether you (or your client) choose to update WordPress core, plugins, and themes is up to you, but completely disabling all update notices is such a bad idea. What if one of the plugins being used on the site was found to have a fundamental security flaw that gave backdoor access to the site for hackers? It has happened on numerous occasions. What if WordPress core is discovered to have an important security flaw? Or even, on a less drastic note, what if huge performance improvements are made to one of your plugins or WordPress core? You (or the client) will never know if updates notifications are completely disabled.

Code snippet discovered and submitted by Stephanie Leary.


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